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FXply™ Prepregs


Adamant Composites is introducing functional prepregs into the composites market utilizing its innovative FXply™ Technology!

FXply™ Technology enables conventional prepregs to become functional. The technology is based on proprietary material design know-how and in-house processing technology, developed in close cooperation with the University of Patras and further matured through interaction with industrial customers.
Now, composites can have targeted functionalities such as toughness, electrical conductivity etc. apart from the established performance of the prepreg material (e.g. strength, stiffness). The following functional formulations are available:

  • FXply-EL: for improved electrical conductivity
  • FXply-TF: for improved toughness
  • FXply-TH: for improved thermal conductivity

Adamant Composites can make specific FXply™ formulations for your application!

A pilot line has been developed for industrial production to address new markets (sports, automotive, marine) with novel functionalities (e.g. damping, interlaminar toughness).

Key benefits from using FXply™ prepregs and service:

  • Lower processing costs by limiting additional steps for achieving functionality with conventional approaches
  • Seamless integration into existing production processes
  • Lower production costs due to fewer required raw materials
  • Design flexibility - Delivering competitive products - Leading to excellence

FXbond™ Adhesives


Adamant Composites introduces FXbond™ Technology!
FXbond™ Technology enables conventional adhesives to become functional. The FXbond™ Technology is based on proprietary material design know-how and in-house processing technology. A dedicated pilot production line is established to serve industrial needs. Standard FXbond™ Adhesives products are available and customized formulations can be developed.

FXbond™ Adhesives can provide a balanced performance between structural, electrical and thermal properties but can also be tailored to the needs for a specific functionality.

  • Materials: Epoxy, Silicone
  • Product forms: Liquid paste, film

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