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HEATPACK (H2020) aims to develop and validate critical technology building blocks for enabling transformative packages for space applications with very low thermal resistance. Benefits will range from improved performance to increased components reliability & lifetime.



MMΑMA (Η2020) intends in the development of the technical characteristics with microwaves and high frequencies in the nano-level, see SMM (Scanning Microwave Microscopy), aiming to assist development and quality control of new generation nanostructured materials.

Αn ambitious project gathering a complementary characterization/modelling/materials/products set of European competences in the field of emerging energy products.



OASIS (H2020) project aims at fulfilling the market potential of nano-enabled multifunctional lightweight products by:
1. Gathering the manufacturing capacity of 12 pilot lines from nanoparticles to the final product.
2. Establishing a thorough service offer for associated technical & business development
3. Granting direct access to the whole ecosystem through a Single-Entry Point, for easier access especially for SMEs.
The vision of OASIS is an ecosystem of 12 nanotechnology manufacturing pilot lines, operating under a common and demanding umbrella of Sustainable Production.
It aims at ensuring a competitive, quality, safe and environmentally friendly production of nano-enabled products in compliance with the applicable regulation.

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MOHITO+ (Ε.Δ.Κ) is a national project aiming to expand the capabilities of the FXplyTM Pilot Line, by developing new processing modules for surface treatment, deposition, and functionalization of prepregs, textiles, and films. MOHITO+ aims to develop different methods for the functionalization of textiles and films targeting to new properties and functionalities, as well as their processing for use in new applications.



PRETZEL (H2020) develops in novel polymeric membranes for electrolyte fuel cells (PEMEL) manufacturing, which will enable sizeable increases in efficiency and functionality satisfying the market need.
An innovative polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyzer (PEMEL) that provides significant improvements in efficiency and operability to satisfy emerging market requirements, is urgently needed for the increased demands of the grid balancing services.
In this context, PRETZEL is offering breakthrough technologies for becoming game changer in the field of water electrolyzers. First tasks on cell development and pressure housing have been accomplished and components specifications and optimization were discussed as a critical point of the project.
An important objective of PRETZEL project is to test and integrate the hydraulic compression technology, already tested in the laboratory scale, under real working conditions which is necessary for commercialization.



RECOMLABS (Prefecture of Western Greece) aims to develop multifunctional sandwich panels made from fiber-reinforced composites as building materials for application in the construction sector. RECOMLABS gathers up a team of six organizations, three from Western Greece and three from Romania, with more than fifteen years of active participation in EU, national and intranational research projects, which are linked with the fields of nanotechnology of composite materials, mainly for space applications.



TQMNANO (Prefecture of Western Greece) aims to manufacture nano-reinforced products (pre-impregnated fabrics modified with carbon nanotubes and CNTs bucky papers) with traceable quality control.

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REPAIR3D (H2020) aims at the development of innovative reclamation and repurposing routes for end-of-life plastic and carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) components.

This will be achieved by employing advanced nanotechnology solutions, Additive Manufacturing (AM) and recycled resources, for the production of high added value 3D printed products with advanced functionalities.



HITEC (ESA) is a project involving both Greek and German partners and deals with the nano-enabling technologies for composites maturing at ADAMANT COMPOSITES Ltd. The scope of the project is to consolidate the materials and processes towards delivering integrated satellite panels, ideally with improved properties through nanotechnology.



LAGARD is one of the largest ESA projects in Greece. It involves the development of Large Lightweight Stable Deployable Structures with flexible and modular design to match the needs of future science missions.



SPACENANOWELD (ΕSA) is a project led by AMADEMA from Cyprus. It investigates the use of AMADEMA's NanoweldR technology for composites in space structures. ADAMANT COMPOSITES Ltd is a subcontractor contributing to the definition of relevant space application, supporting the materials and processes for thermoplastic prepreg, and producing the CFRP parts for the project.

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Thorax-D (Ε.Δ.Κ.) aims at the development of soft and hard lightweight textiles for military and civil protection applications. The development of such textiles is a challenge since protection of military and security forces, as well as individuals is critical in modern societies.

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ΒΑΝΑΝΑ (Ε.Δ.Κ.) aims at the design compact, efficient, low-cost, user- and environmentally friendly energy storage and power systems with new generation sodium ion batteries (SIBs), based on biochars. Naturally derived cane will be used for the production of biochar. Canes are abundant in Greece and is an ideal ecological raw material for the production of hard coal, suitable for SIBs.

A research project implemented within the framework of the action "RESEARCH - CREATE - INNOVATE" with the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and national resources through the E.P. Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (EPANEK) (project code: Τ2ΕΔΚ-03222).

λογότυπο ψηφιακό πρόγραμμα Ελλάδα 2.0



The business was strengthened with the above Action which aims to connect research and innovation with entrepreneurship, with the ultimate goal of transitioning to quality, innovative entrepreneurship, the activity of SMEs in the world market and the growth of the domestic market added value. The business has received a Seal of Excellence from the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission for the research project titled "An Advanced Process for Manufacturing advanced multi-functional past composites in the aerospace industry («Fxply»).

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ASCALS (EDA) intends to develop novels smart materials for adaptive camouflage. As it targets a TRL 3, the emphasis is set on innovation and advanced processes. The adaptive camouflage targets 3 spectra (visible, IR, RADAR) and reversible modulation in order to control the signature of an object to be protected. The project spans over six countries and is conducted in tight collaboration with national minitries of defence. Adamant Composites is leading and coordinating the activity, using his expertize in nano-enabling and industrial processes to bring new functionalities.

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GRAPHERGIA aims to develop a new science-based, holistic approach, implementing new advances to achieve one-step, laser-assisted synthesis, processing, functionalization and simultaneous integration of graphene-based materials and graphene nanohybrids, directly into relevant energy harvesting/storage devices. This will lead to a scalable, cost-effective and climate-neutral production of (i) e-textiles with the specific functions of wearable power supplying and self-powered structural sensors and (ii) next generation electrodes for Li-ion batteries.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101120832.

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